• FRI Piškot: Performance Improvement of Defense Products for Target Detection

Byeong Hak Kim je doktorski študent in raziskovalec na univerzi KNU, ki je hkrati zaposlen tudi v podjetju Hanwha system Co. V četrtek, 18. 1. 2018, bo ob 14.15 v predavalnici P20 na FRI Piškotu govoril o možnostih izboljšanja vojaških obrambnih sistemov za odkrivanje in sledenje tarčam.


This seminar is about four research topics to improve the performance of defense products (using Infra-red imaging sensor system and LiDAR/LADAR system) for target detection. I will first present the problem domains while using different defense products in different defense scenarios. Next, I will present four research topics which address such problems: (1) Noise reduction of Infra-red (IR) images, (2) Contrast optimization for IR images, (3) Auto target detection for IR images and (4) Target detection for laser radar (LADAR) system. I will present the current stage of research and results for each individual topic.


O predavatelju:

He is a senior engineer at the department of Optronics team of Hanwha system company. He is concluding a Ph.D. course to improve technologies for product engineering at the Laboratory of Optomechatronics and Multi-Scale Robotics at School of Electronic Engineering, Kyungpook National University (KNU) in Daegu, South Korea. He is on research visit at Faculty of Computer and Information Science, University of Ljubljana as a collaborative researcher in Laboratory for Computer Graphics and Multimedia until Feb 2018.


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