#Vblatu: Bitcoin - From SegWit to Taproot
ob 18:00

V sredo, 12. junija 2019, bo gost predavanja #Vblatu Anthony Towns, razvijalec Bitcoin Core. Predavanje se začne ob 18.00 in bo potekalo v predavalnici P1.

We're taking a look back at the last big Bitcoin controversy and forecasting what's in store for the future. Anthony will cover how he got involved in Bitcoin development and turned that into a job. This talk is a uniquely amazing opportunity to learn what it's like to work on the open source bits of Bitcoin. More specifically, we'll review the last big consensus upgrade to Bitcoin - Segregated Witness (SegWit), activated in late 2017. Then we will turn our attention to the recently announced Taproot upgrade, how it works and what it means for Bitcoin.

Anthony Towns has been involved in open source for 20+ years through Debian and Red Hat. A latecomer to the Bitcoin revolution and working hard to catch up, he contributes to the open source side of Bitcoin and Lightning Network with the help of a sponsorship from Xapo.

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