Gostujoče predavanje: Etika in umetna inteligenca
ob 14:15

Vabljeni na gostujoče predavanje raziskovalca s Teološke fakultete, dr. Vojka Strahovnika, ki bo v sredo, 6. 12. 2023, ob 14.15 v PR09.


Naslov: Ethics and Artificial Intelligence: Illuminating Some Ethical Challenges of Large Language Models


Povzetek: In the talk, I will discuss some ethical challenges related to artificial intelligence, especially in the area of large language models (LLMs). In order to do this comprehensively, I will first delineate the very domain of ethics and the role of moral philosophy in understanding the challenges that artificial intelligence raises. Before dealing with the ethical issues raised by LLMs, I will also present the risks involved in their use. In conclusion, I will focus on two specific ethical challenges. The first relates to the conceptions of authorship and authority (of knowledge). The second one is the aspect of human-AI interaction, particularly interaction with chatbots.


O predavatelju: Vojko Strahovnik, PhD, is the Department Chair and Associate Professor at the Department of Philosophy (Faculty of Arts) and Research Fellow in Philosophy at the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Theology, and the Director of the Centre for Human-Centred Artificial Intelligence and the Ethics of New Technologies at the Faculty of Theology, University of Ljubljana.