Prof. dr. Blaž Zupan
Full Professor
T: +386 1 479 8238
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Room: R3.17 - Kabinet

I teach artificial intelligence and machine learning at the University of Ljubljana and Baylor College of Medicine in Houston. My research focuses on explainable AI and combinations of machine learning and data visualization techniques. I run a fifteen-member bioinformatics laboratory. Our work has been published in over a hundred articles that have received in total over ten thousand citations. I am recipient of the Zois Award (2010), two Golden Plaques of the University of Ljubljana (2011, 2019), a Fulbright Scholarship (2013), and is a six-time recipient of the student-voted Best Teacher Award (2008-2017). Res Publica, Financial Times, Visegrad Fund, and Google enlisted me in the Top 100 Most Influential Innovators of Central and Eastern Europe (2016). I consults companies and public organizations in the fields of data-driven production and management, decision support systems, explainable AI, AI and machine learning training.

I enjoy building things. My lab develops Orange, a machine learning and data visualisation suite with a cool visual programming interface. We are also authors of dictyExpress, a gene expression analytics software that has found much use within Dictyostelium research community. Our first popular web application was GenePath, a program that discovers gene networks from mutant phenotypes; GenePath is over ten years old but still runs!

Past projects