Creating new worlds.
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Great courses

The diversity of elective subjects enables each person to acquire the special combination of knowledge and skills they need for their career goals.


Connecting to the industry

Even as a student, by working to solve challenges in computer science practice you can test your skills and forge connections in the commercial sector.


International environment

Being a computer expert means operating in a global, international environment, where you will encounter guest foreign lecturers and collaborate with foreign students at home or on an exchange.

Finding job is easy

Top computer experts are an indispensable part of any organisation today, in all fields of the business world and non-commercial sector. In the future they will be in even greater demand.

Technology of the future

Be one of the first to experience the latest technology, when it is still in the development stage, and play a part in developing new solutions in the Faculty laboratories.


  • Study Programmes
Undergraduate programmes
Emphasis on superlative technical knowledge and acquisition of fundamental theoretical as well as practical knowledge in the field of computer and information science.
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Master's programmes
Students are prepared for a successful career, be it in industry or in the academic sphere.
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Doctoral programmes
Intended for those students seeking to remain in academia and those who will be conducting top-tier development and innovation work in the computer industry.
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  • Important dates
Come to the Information days.

Undergraduate study programmes

Prospective student day (in Slovene): 16 and 17 February 2024


Master's study programmes

Prospective student day (in Slovene) | 22 May 2024, 4 PM


Doctoral study programmes

Prospective student day | 3 April 2024, 4 PM


Call for Applications

Undergraduate study programmesapply

Application period: 20 February - 20 March 2024

Master's study programmes apply 

Deadline: 31 August 2024


Doctoral study programmesapply 

Deadline: 31 August 2024


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Calls for Admission
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University of Ljubljana Information Brochures

  • Experience and impressions
  • "FRI offers in-depth knowledge in numerous fields and possibilities for high-quality education, to which professors contribute by good will and an amiable approach."
    Žiga Lesar
    doctoral student of Computer and Information Science
  • "Studying here is challenging and involves hard work, but is also enjoyable and most of all rewarding. One can expect to gain substantial insight into specific area of computer science and contribute to its development."
    Marinka Žitnik
    Doctoral graduate, Professor at Harvard
  • "The duall degree study is an excellent opportunity to collaborate with international research groups. I have also gained extensive organisation and management skills."
    Jaka Cikač
    graduate of the Master's programme Computer and Information Science
  • "Students here are very connected and that is why we don't only gain knowledge, but also friendships which will last after the study."
    Vid Čermelj
    graduate of the University study programme Multimedia
  • "Every week my knowledge becomes more and more comprehensive, so study indeed becomes a pleasure."
    Manca Žerovnik Mekuč
    graduate of the Master's programme Computer and Information Science
  • "The knowledge of mathematics enables you to view problems from a different, more abstract perspective, which leads to products of higher quality and new ideas."
    Rok Kralj
    graduate of the Master's programme Computer Science and Mathematics
  • "The doctoral programme is a greate way to delve deeper into the complexities of computer science. It also provides you with tools and the knowledge required to become a leading expert in your specific area of interest."
    Jure Bordon
    Doctoral graduate