• BioPharm.si - BioPharm.SI:Next Generation of Biologics
The Client : Ministrstvo za izobraževanje, znanost in šport ( BioPharm.si )
Project type: Projects Structural Funds
Project duration: 2016 - 2020
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Biologics are one the latest and perhaps the most complex achievements of medicine. Biologics are specific, with fewer side effects, enabling treatment of previously incurable diseases. Slovenia has achieved great successes in this field: the first biosimilar approved in US was developed by Slovenian company Lek and by National institute of chemistry. Manufacturing of biologics is mainly challenged by the complexity of the moleculesproteins produced by genetically modified cells in precisely controlled environments-bioreactors. Yet small modifications of producing cell line, production environment or conditions might impact product quality and efficacy. In Bioinformatics Laboratory we are collaborating with Lek and other partners of BioPharm.SI to develop data science infrastructure to monitor, store, organize and mine the data from the production. Our aim is to relate production parameters with quality estimates and to optimize the production process. To achieve this, Bioinformatics Laboratory is adapting its data mining suite Orange, developing data access components, and designing new data visualization and mining tools to address specific data types and observations and to model the processes.

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