The band FRIdom is a spontaneously formed group of amateur enthusiasts of music and fun. We started out playing mostly Beatles songs, but then started getting a bit more playful and produced our own “original” lyrics and tunes with their own message. Hits such as "FRI-žabice", "While True", "Narobe akademski svet", "Naš maček", "Večna pot 1-1-3" and "Asistent na FRI" have topped the FRI charts. Our first album is available for free at our website FRIDOM.SI. We are grateful for the space we can use for practice, and our thanks also go to everyone at FRI for their support and enthusiasm for our hot rhythms and mischievous lyrics. 


The FRIdom band comprises:

  • Igor Kononenko (rhythm guitar, vocal),
  • Branko Šter (lead guitar, vocal),
  • Matevž Pesek (keyboard),
  • Mattia Petroni (bass),
  • Nejc Ilc (percussion)


»Narobe akademski svet«

»Naš maček«

»WHILE true«