• xAIM - eXplainable Artificial Intelligence in healthcare Managament
The Client : Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA) ( xAIM )
Project duration: 2021 - 2024
  • Description

The relevance of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is growing worldwide in a variety of sectors. The potentials of AI are increasingly evident in the light of the challenges of the healthcare sector, where it represents a potential for saving costs while improving service quality. However, its use, despite the benefits it could provide, could affect consent processes. For this reason, ethical AI strategies and, in particular, trustworthy AI should be pursued to enhance patients' empowerment and awareness.

This Action aims at building a specific master program dedicated to the use of explainable AI (xAI) in healthcare, to advance development of highly qualified professionals to address the lack of highly specialized digital skills in AI. The master is designed for anyone interested in understanding the needs of xAI in healthcare, and, in particular for health-related professionals, with a particular focus on the exploitation of the possible applications.

The master program will be awarded by the University of Pavia and will consist of 90 ECTS with a duration of 18 months. It will enable participants to effectively transfer to the job market a set of up-to-date highly specialized digital skills in AI. Participants will be able to attend the modules, discuss case studies and assessments in an online environment. The content of the xAIM Program will address a two-fold objective: participants will learn which are the opportunities stemming from the AI applications to the healthcare setting and they will appraise the challenges and risks associated with the use of AI in healthcare. In particular, participants will be provided with methodologies and tools to effectively manage risks, while explaining the results of AI solutions to peers and patients in simulated real- world contexts.