International student competitions are an ideal opportunity for students to try out what they can achieve with their knowledge and abilities on a global scale. First and foremost, such competitions represent a major challenge and motivation for enhanced R&D work, they facilitate practical application of acquired knowledge during the study programme, they serve to forge new friendships and connections among competitors and they also offer great prizes.

In preparing for competitions, students can turn to the teaching staff for mentoring help, and the research work as part of the competition can be conducted at any of the Faculty research laboratories.


Biggest successes:

IEEE student competition region 8 (Europe, Africa and Middle East) 2015

Among the 5 best: Žiga Lesar


Robust Detection of Heart Beats in Multimodal Data Challenge 2014

1st place: Urška Pangerc


ecoDrivers project, May 2013
2nd place: Matic Končan, Žiga Šveglja


"BioNLP Shared Task", April 2013
1st place: Marinka and Slavko Žitnik

The Marinexplore and Cornell University Whale Detection Challenge, April 2013
5th Place: Jure Žbontar

ImagineCup 2013, February 2013
Finalists: Luka Maške, Marko Tatić, Asst. Prof. Dr Matija Marolt, Drone Attack team


ImagineCup 2013, July 2012
7th place: Aleksander Berus, Erol Merdanović, Prof. Dr Matjaž Branko Jurič, OSMOSIS team

iGEM, November 2012
2nd place: Martin Stražar and Dušan Vučko

Winter Orientation Challenge, January 2012
1st place: Nejc Škoberne, Matic Cankar, Ciril Bohak, Miha Štajdohar, Mitar Milutinović

Automated Student Assessment Prize
3rd place: Jure Žbontar

EMC Israel Data Science Challenge, September 2012
2nd place: Jure Žbontar and summer school participants

Data Mining Competition, April 2012 
1st place: Jure Žbontar, Miha Zidar, Marinka Žitnik, Matic Potočnik, Prof. Dr Blaž Zupan

Algorithm for Optimal Job Sceduling and Task Allocation under Constraints
1st place: Jure Žbontar

Forecast Eurovision Voting 2010
1st place: Jure Žbontar