On the planet NXT a race is held every year in which robot entrants compete for the coveted title of fastest and most agile robot. This year will be no different. Back in October the Ministry of Speed selected the competitors, who will have just one month to prepare physically, psychologically and electronically for this arduous race. The grand event will take place on 3 December 2015. May the best one win! 





Register here:


30 October, 11:59 pm


close of registration



5 November, 10:00 am


introductory meeting and distribution of packages 


 lecture room PR1 at FRI

26 November, 4 pm


official training (for all involved)


 FKKT/FRI restaurant

3 December, 4 pm


competition, FRI restaurant


 FKKT/FRI restaurant


Competitors will each receive a set of Lego Mindstorms EV3 on loan for a month. Maximum of three members per competitor team. Year, course or faculty attended are not a factor. We plan to select a maximum of 16 teams. Teams with their own EV3 sets will definitely be selected.


FRI students can gain 3 credits through active participation or help in organisation.


  • Time trial race
  • A long racetrack with intermittent control points
  • Multiple competitors simultaneously (4 or 8 planned)
  • No mercy: impeding and disabling opponents permitted
  • Throughout its length the racetrack is marked with a line, and to the sides with a wall and obstacles
  • Each competing unit must be:
  1. entirely autonomous: it can orientate by following the line and/or wall, by counting motor revolutions, gyroscope, measuring time, detecting bumps, etc.,
  2. made exclusively from one Lego Mindstorms EV3 set; decorative additions are permitted (team logo / banner / decals, etc.)
  3.  maximum dimensions ZxZxZ commission (to be precisely defined) at the start, then no restrictions.

Cooperation with the commercial sector (Through various forms of cooperation with commercial partners and other institutions we ensure the continuous transfer of knowledge and technology into practice)