The interdisciplinary university study programme in Multimedia is offered jointly with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. It combines knowledge of electrical engineering, computer science, design and business. The study programme teaches skills in multimedia while familiarising students with the latest technology and equipment that form the basis of new industry. The study programme brings together some of the best features of electrical engineering, computer science, communications and business, and prepares graduates for work in top domestic and foreign businesses, as well as for research and continuing studies at the postgraduate level.
3 years
6 semesters
ECTS credits
  • Obtained title
  • diplomirani inženir multimedije (UN)
  • diplomirana inženirka multimedije (UN)
  • The curriculum

Predmetnik VS-RI


  • Admission requirements and selection criteria in case of limited enrollment

Enrolment in the first-cycle interdisciplinary academic study programme in Multimedia is open to candidates who have:

a) passed the general school-leaving examination (matura);

b) passed a vocational matura examination in any programme of secondary professional or secondary technical education, and the general matura examination in any course. The course chosen may not be a course that they have already taken for the vocational matura examination;

c) completed any four-year secondary school programme before 1 June 1995.

  • How to apply if you are an international student

Apply via eVŠ portal and submit the documents for recognition of foreign education in the portal.



  • Candidates of EU Member States

First application period: in March

Second application period: in August

  • Candidates of non EU countries and Slovenians without Slovenian citizenship

First application period: in April

Second application period in case of available enrolment slots: in September


Timeline for application process:


Scholarships available are listed at the website of the Public scholarship, Development, Disability and Maintenance Fund of Republic of Slovenia.


For more information please visit the Faculty of Electrical Engineering website or contact the respective students' office

Detailed description about the Programme is available on the Faculty of Electrical Engineering web page.