Today’s start-ups operate on technologies whose boundaries are being shifted by engineers and academics together. But we are not interested in the frameworks, we are interested in what lies underneath, what algorithms, practices and approaches lurk behind them. What is the anatomy of a web browser? What is a NoSQL? Why is it sexy and how does it work? What algorithms are hidden behind every web advertisement?


Monthly lectures for those seeking to dig deeper, suitable both for undergraduate and graduate students.  The lectures are given by hardened experts from companies that have spent years getting up to their necks in problems which they solve on a daily basis using their own abilities and accumulation of knowledge, and who now wish to share their experience with the next generation of experts. Participants: Uniki,, Celtra, Visionect, Zemanta and more.


Join us on the meetup site ( and get in step with the new technologies and solutions to everyday challenges devised by the top experts.