Research laboratories at the Faculty of Computer and Information Science are always open for enthusiastic students. To know more about reasearch in a specific laboratory, feel free to contact them. Current open research positions are listed bellow.



Three open positions: ASSISTANT (D010001), in all three titels: assistant/assistant with masters degree/ assistant with PhD, in the field of computer and information science


a) permanent (presumably from 1. 10. 2018), full-time, 3 months probationary (2 position openings) and

b) temporary (presumably from 1. 10. 2018 till 31. 7. 2019), full-time, 3 months probationary (1 position opening)

Call for Applications




Candidates for doctoral study, current doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers can apply for positions currently available in research laboratories listed bellow:

Bioinformatics Laboratory

Research field:
  • Working on data analysis and parallel algorithms for visualization of high dimensional data.
Employment for 1 year: part-time (50 %) employment on the project, part-time (50 %) as teaching assistant.

Contact: Blaž Zupan


Laboratory for Integration of Information Systems

Research field: H2020 project: Crossbow
  • cloud-native architectures, APIs, microservices, blockchain

Contact: Matjaž Jurič


Laboratory for Cognitive Modeling

Research field: EU Project SILICOFCM

  • The goal od the project is to apply machine learning algorits to support development of novel diagnostic methods and therapies for heart diseases.

Employment: project work from 1 June 2018, duration of 4 years

Contact: Zoran Bosnić


Research field: incremental learning from stream data

Employment for 2 years: part-time (50 %) employment on the project, part-time (50 %) as teaching assistant.

Contact: Zoran Bosnić


Research field: automated text analysis and evaluation

Employment for 2 years: part-time (50 %) employment on the project, part-time (50 %) as teaching assistant.

Contact: Zoran Bosnić

Research field: machine learning and natural language processing
  • Working on developing new algorithms and implementing methods.
Employment for 3 years.

Contact: Marko Robnik Šikonja


Laboratory for data technologies

Research field: IoT, telemedicine, artificial intelligence

Employment for 1 year, can be extended up to 3 years



UL FRI and JRC Collaborative Doctoral Programme


The European Commission’s Joint Research Center (JRC) at Ispra, Italy and UL FRI are calling for applications for a fully funded doctoral studentship in the area of IoT security. The candidate is expected to spend approximately two years in Ispra, Italy, while the rest of the time will be spent in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The research carried out by the doctoral student would include:

  • Machine learning modelling and analysis of sensory data and wireless network traffic, with the goal of deducing activities and interactions in the smart environment, profiling users, inferring private and sensitive information.

  • Developing possible countermeasures and mitigation techniques to the identified security threats.

  • Devising an automated system for security policy adaptation governing the behaviour of the smart devices.

The deadline for applications is 17 August 2018.

All information about the call are available at the Collaborative Doctoral Programme page.


Young researcher positions


Candidates can apply for Young researcher positions. This position offers a full time employment and work on the doctoral research under supervision at our faculty.

There is 1 available position still open:

​The extended deadline will be announced shortly (approx. in the second half of July). Candidates have to contact the supervisors to proceed with the further steps prior to applying.


Industry scholarship


Gorenje d.d. offers an industry scholarships for PhD students working in the field of electronics development.

Proposed research topics:

  • Controlling household appliances with speech
  • Speech synthesis on household appliances
  • Machine learning: Smart and adaptive user interfaces

Call for applications - 31 August 2018