Research laboratories at the Faculty of Computer and Information Science are always open for enthusiastic students. To know more about reasearch in a specific laboratory, feel free to contact them. Current open research positions are listed bellow.



Candidates for doctoral study, current doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers can apply for positions currently available in research laboratories listed bellow:

1. Bioinformatics Laboratory

Research field:
  • Working on data analysis and parallel algorithms for visualization of high dimensional data.
Employment for 1 year:
  • part-time (50 %) employment on the project,
  • part-time (50 %) as teaching assistant.

Contact: Blaž Zupan


2. Laboratory for Integration of Information Systems

H2020 project: Crossbow
Research field:
  • cloud-native architectures, APIs, microservices, blockchain

Contact: Matjaž Jurič


3. Laboratory for Cognitive Modeling



Research field:

  • cardiomyopathy risk stratification tool based on data mining algorithms (use of supervised and unsupervised learning in order to mine heterogeneous patient data)
  • Predictive modeling using data mining algorithms
  • Test, evaluate, validate and optimize the above machine learning models

Employment for 2 years, project work from 1 October 2018.

Contact: Zoran Bosnić

Research field:
  • machine learning and natural language processing
Working on developing new algorithms and implementing methods.
Employment for 3 years.


4. Computer Communications Laboratory

Research field:
  • infrastructure – virtualization, containers, networks, security
Employment for min. 1 year:
  • part-time (50 %) employment on the project,
  • part-time (50 %) as teaching assistant.

Contact: Mojca Ciglarič


5. Laboratory of Computer Structures and Systems

In cooperation with Chair of Landscape Science and Geoinformatics from the Biotechnical Faculty

Research Field:

  • Computational Methods for modeling rockfalls and snow avalanches

3 year employment starting in October 2018

Tuition fee covered

Candidates should have a MSc in Computer Science or related field

Send application together with short CV

Contact: Miha Mraz or Miha Moškon


Industry scholarship


Gorenje d.d. offers an industry scholarships for PhD students working in the field of electronics development.

Proposed research topics:

  • Controlling household appliances with speech
  • Speech synthesis on household appliances
  • Machine learning: Smart and adaptive user interfaces

Call for applications - 31 August 2018