Digital Linguistics is an international joint Master’s programme delivered by three universities, University of LjubljanaMasaryk University and University of Zagreb. It is a 2-year study (120 ECTS) open to students with a background in linguistics, computer science or social science. Students enrol at one of the partner universities as their »home university«, and must spend the 3rd semester at one of the other two partner universities. Upon successful completion graduates are issued a Master’s degree by all three universities. Digital Linguistics graduates are able to communicate in at least two languages and are knowledgeable about digital communication, language technologies and multilingual content management.
2 years
4 semesters
ECTS credits
  • Obtained title
  • Master of Arts
  • Admission requirements and selection criteria in case of limited enrollment

Detailed information about the master's study programme:

Digital Linguistics

  • Main objectives and general skills

Graduates have a broad set of applied computer skills and can program in at least one programming language, manage language resources, design language solutions and autonomously conduct language data analyses. Finally, graduates understand and apply legal and ethical principles concerning language data collection, processing and reuse, as well as promote responsible AI.