Students who will not be enrolled full-time at FRI in the 2024/25 academic year (those without student status) and who wish to complete the requirements in specific courses this year must register for laboratory tutorials for a specific course before the start of the academic year. Registration is open from 1 to 23 September 2024.

Registration for laboratory tutorials is completed in the STUDIS academic information system.

Students who have interrupted their studies for several years and have no access to the STUDIS academic information system should send an email to The Office will then arrange access to the system. The username you receive to access STUDIS is also the faculty email address at which you will receive all notifications and invoices.


Use the STUDIS academic information system to choose the courses for which you wish to take laboratory tutorials. After the enrolment process is complete and enrolment confirmed by the Student Affairs Office, you will receive an invoice for payment of the costs of laboratory tutorials in the winter semester. This invoice will arrive at your faculty email address. The deadline for the payment of laboratory tutorial costs for the winter semester is 9 October 2024.

You will receive the invoice for the laboratory tutorials you are to attend in the summer semester on 25 January 2025, with a payment deadline of 12 February 2025. Invoices are only sent in electronic form to your university e-mail address, which is identical to the digital identity through which you access the STUDIS academic information system.

Registered candidates who do not settle their financial obligations for laboratory tutorials by the specified deadline will have their registration removed automatically and will not be able to take laboratory tutorials in the current academic year.


In accordance with Article 8 of the UL FRI Rules of Study, laboratory tutorials are a compulsory part of the programme, with incremental work forming an integral part of the tutorials. The validity of laboratory tutorials and other incremental requirements expires at the end of the academic year.

The fee for laboratory tutorials on a specific course is charged in accordance with the valid UL FRI Price List and pursuant to the Rules on Fees and the Evaluation of Costs at the University of Ljubljana and the Instructions for Implementing the Price List for Fees, Tuition Fees and Costs at UL FRI. The fee for laboratory tutorials shall not cover examinations.


Please settle your financial obligations on time if you wish to avoid possible additional judicial and legal costs.