Enrolment for students repeating any year will be open from 1 to 27 September 2021


Conditions for repeating a year:


To repeat a year, students must complete the following:

  • at least half the course units for that year of the programme (i.e. 30 credits);
  • all the academic requirements from previous years.


Students may only repeat a year once in their course of study. Because it involves the non-completion of the requirements of the previous study programme, changing programme is also considered to be repeating a year. Students who repeat a year or change their study programme may not enrol in an additional year after their final semester of study.

Students who will repeat a year in the 2021/22 academic year may complete a certain number of courses from subsequent years in advance, in accordance with Article 9 of the FRI Rules of Study. As the number of courses you may take in advance is linked to the number of credits at the time the enrolment takes place, we advise you to delay the enrolment process until you have final grades for all courses.

Students on the BUN-RI, BVS-R and BM-RI study programmes must register for courses they intend to complete in advance through the STUDIS academic information system by selecting those courses when enrolling for the repeated year.

For courses that they intend to take in advance, students on the BUN-RM study programme must submit an individual request by email to the Student Affairs Office (studinfo@fri.uni-lj.si). If they are enrolled as students repeating a year, they do not have to pay for laboratory tutorials.