The Faculty of Computer and Information Science at the University of Ljubljana has joined the European project Push & Pull, under which in line with contractual obligations it has introduced paid parking. Through the parking fees the Faculty will acquire additional funds to improve the conditions for work and study.


Special emphasis will be placed on improving access to the Faculty, for instance through the arrangement of existing and additional surfaces for pedestrians and cycle lanes. In this way the Faculty seeks to encourage its staff, students and visitors to pursue sustainable methods of travel, such as walking, cycling and public transport. The measures, which will be financed through the collected parking fees, will be defined in detail by the Faculty in its Mobility Plan.


In addition to well-kept surroundings, increased accessibility of the Faculty will bring numerous positive effects. Sustainable forms of mobility benefit everyone who opts for them. Greater physical activity strengthens health, and the reduced transport costs provide easy savings.

The Faculty will formulate its mobility plan in September 2015, and in so doing will take into account data from the analysis of current staff transport habits and the views of staff and students. The technical testing of paid parking will be conducted in the summer months, and in September the new system will be fully operational.

In addition to our Faculty, the neighbouring Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology is also participating in the Push & Pull project. This European project is being conducted in Slovenia by the Urban Planning Institute of the Republic of Slovenia. For more information see the website of the Slovenian sustainable mobility platform.