• BI-IT-18-19-010 - Augmented Reality and Drones in Archaeology: Smart Fruition and Geo-localized Multimedia Contents
The Client : Salento University ( BI-IT-18-19-010 )
Project type: Bilateral projects
Project duration: 2018 - 2021
  • Description

In this project, we aim to provide a smart fruition of the archaeological heritage by combining the advantages of aerial exploration with augmented visualization. Several types of multimedia virtual contents are geo-localized in the archaeological area and superimposed on the aerial video of the area giving to the user an illusion of a journey through time. The user will be immersed in the scenario through visual cues, as well as 3D audio, consisting of sounds or music typical of the time period in question. Audio cues will provide an additional layer of information and will improve the users sense of immersion in the augmented scenario.

The project is oriented towards the current need of providing models, processes and services directed towards a smarter valorisation and fruition of the cultural heritage in order to enhance the experience of cultural enjoyment and promote tourism.