• DIDIKTA - analysis and development of didactics in ICT supported teaching and learning
The Client : Javna agencija za raziskovalno dejavnost RS, Ministrstvo za izobraževanje, znanost in šport
Project type: Research projects ARRS
Project duration: 2008 - 2010
  • Description

A networked multimedia computer represents a device which enables an adequate computer supported education. Such support raises several problems and questions, e.g. education of teachers, support for ICT usage for teachers and learners, preparation and access to educational materials, computer technology in learning curricula. The aim of the project is to find the answers to some of these questions. Next to the adequate teacher's training for ICT usage, the improvement of the current state could be obtained by introducing and using the adequate user friendly programming tools, which simplify the way to provide the teachers all the possibilities offered by ICT. The combination of various approaches and domains of didactic of ICT usage in teaching and learning will upgrade the outcomes already achieved.