• V2-2388 - Izdelava metodologije za določanje kakovosti podatkov ter ocena kakovosti posameznih podatkovnih zbirk na nacionalnem portalu odprtih podatkov Slovenije - portalu OPSI
The Client : ( V2-2388 )
Project type: Research projects ARRS
Project duration: 2023 - 2025
  • Description

The purpose of the proposed project is to systematically review the state of the databases published on the portal Open Data of Slovenia (OPSI), with an emphasis on the usability and quality of the data and the accessibility of dynamic groups of open data. In accordance with the EU directive on the reuse of public data and the legislation on access to public information, the OPSI portal serves as a national central point for the publication of open data of the entire public sector. It also serves as a central catalog of government records and databases and as a single website for publishing open and machine-readable collections. The portal includes data from state and local authorities as well as open community data.

The main goal of the project is to design a methodology for evaluating the quality of published databases, which will be based on existing open standard formats and API accesses, and to explore the possibilities of improving existing data with partially controlled methods of refinement, standardization and data pairing. The methodology will include the following data state evaluation steps:
i. quality assessment criteria, including completeness, timeliness and correctness of data;
ii. assessment of data quality by taking into account criteria such as volatility, reliability, accessibility and the need for subsequent editing and correction;
iii. determination of the minimum, sufficient and good quality standard of data in the collections;
iv. determination of acceptable minimum standards for existing and new collections on the OPSI portal in accordance with the objectives of Directive 2019/1024.

The next goal is to create an overview of the databases published on the OPSI portal and classify them into previously defined quality classes in accordance with the developed methodology. During the project, we will develop soft models and approaches to ensure and improve the quality of databases on the OPSI portal by interested stakeholders. We will also develop a tool for easier confirmation of publication of collections on the OPSI portal and appropriate classification of data with automatic mechanisms for checking data quality. We will also review the data schema of existing published databases and its alignment with the objectives of the Open Data Directive and analyze the data for completeness and consistency in the wider OPSI meta schema of the data covered. We will check compliance with existing standards, such as OGC and INSPIRE, and assess the specific features of the database and their quality, including data validation in their workflows. In the project, we will devote part of the focus to the process of eliminating the existing challenges of the currently published collections, whereby we will use soft models for each collection to provide an assessment of possible partially automated data correction or the creation of a new collection by the collection manager, which will be consistent with the developed methodology in the proposed project.