• BUILDCHAIN - BUILDing knowledge book in the blockCHAIN distributed ledger. Trustworthy building life-cycle knowledge graph for sustainability and energy efficiency
The Client : Evropska komisija ( BUILDCHAIN )
Project duration: 2023 - 2025
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The BUILDCHAIN project aims to create a comprehensive knowledge base capable of tracking every activity in a building's life cycle. To achieve this, a blockchain-based open-source technology solution will be implemented to enhance the functionality and tools available in the Digital Building LogBook used by municipalities to manage a set of buildings. UL FRI will participate in Work Group 3 of the BUILDCHAIN project, where they will contribute to the development of guidelines for implementing a Decentralized Graph Building Knowledge, including digital identity. With this solution, municipalities will have access to a more extensive range of data, tools, and functionalities to manage their buildings efficiently.

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