Research laboratories at the Faculty of Computer and Information Science are always open for enthusiastic students. To know more about reasearch in a specific laboratory, feel free to contact them. Current open research positions are listed bellow.

Laboratory for Cognitive Modeling


Research field: machine learning for big networks analysis

Research work in networks analysis, fusion of information from networks and other data sources

Approx. three year employment

Contact: Marko Robnik Šikonja


Research field: machine learning in the field of natural language

Research work and application in Slovenian language; development of tools for natural language analysis

Approx. three year employment

Contact: Marko Robnik Šikonja


Laboratory for Data Technologies


Research field: data technologies and healthcare data

Research work on EkoSMART research programme:

  • Language independent information extraction from unstructured healthcare data
  • Anomaly detection in remote patient monitoring for patients with multiple chronic diseases
  • Data schema mapping in healthcare
  • Attribute Based Access Control for healthcare data

Research programme runs until March 2019

Contact: Marko Bajec


Gorenje d.d.


Industry scholarships for PhD students working in the field of electronics development

Proposed research topics:

  • Controlling household appliances with speech
  • Speech synthesis on household appliances
  • Machine learning: Smart and adaptive user interfaces