• Funding Opportunities for Doctoral Students

Faculty of Computer and Information Science (UL FRI) offers its Doctoral Degree students many opportunities to fund their studies, from scholarships to research positions.

  • UL FRI and Joint Researc Centre Ispra, Italy, published a call for applications for a position for a doctoral student for a Collaborative Doctoral Programme, where students will conduct their research both in Slovenia and in Italy, covering tuition fees and a competitive salary (2200€ at Ispra, Italy, and 1100€ at UL FRI). The deadline for applications is 17 August 2018. All information about the call are available at the Collaborative Doctoral Programme page.
  • Candidates can apply for Young researcher positions. This position offers a full time employment and work on the Doctoral research under supervision at our faculty.

    There is 1 available position still open. The extended deadline will be announced shortly (approx. in the second half of July). Candidates have to contact the supervisors to proceed with the further steps prior to applying:

  • Doctoral candidates can also seek employment within specific laboratories/projects and get 50% of the tuition fee covered by UL FRI. Learn more on Career at the Faculty webpage.
  • Slovene private company Gorenje offers a scholarship for doctoral students: Artificial Inteligence Driven Test Automation of Embedded Software. Read more about the scholarship in the Call for Applications.
  • There are also scholarships offered by the Public Scholarship, Development, Disability and Maintenance Fund of Republic of Slovenia.
  • For more information please visit the following webpage or contact International Office FRI.