• DataScience Master’s Q&A

If you are strong in the technical or mathematical background and inspired to be a leading data science professional, do not miss the opportunity to apply to DataScience Master’s programme.


You are kindly invited to join us at the DataScience Master’s Q&A event, held on 18 May 2023 at 3.30 PM. It will be held live at the Faculty in P04 and also online via Youtube live. We will present the study program and have a Q&A section with our currently enrolled master’s students.


The call for enrollment for the Data Science Master's Program is open until 31 August 2023.


Data Science Master’s is a state-of-the-art program where students are strongly involved with industry projects and can join skill-development opportunities.

To join the online event please click here.


We kindly invite you to read more information on the website: https://datascience.fri.uni-lj.si/masters/