• Prospective Doctoral Student Day

We invite you to join us at Prospective Doctoral Student Day day for the doctoral study programme in Computer and Information Science, which will be held on Wednesday, 5 April 2022, at 4 p.m. in Lecture Room 19 at the Faculty of Computer and Information Science, University of Ljubljana.

The doctoral study program is intended for those who want to become proficient in advanced research and scientific work. This is a necessary foundation for understanding new technologies and approaches and enables innovation and breakthroughs in development. With a Doctorate in Computer and Information Science, you can continue your career in both academic and market sectors, as these are currently the most sought-after areas of expertise.



At the information day, you will receive all the information about the third-level study, and we will present the Computer and Information Science programme to you.


The Call for Enrolment into Doctoral Degree Programmes at the University of Ljubljana in the academic year 2023/2024 is published on the Doctoral School website.

Applicaton deadline for Computer and Information Science programme is on 1 June 2023.



We will introduce you to many opportunities for teaching and research work during your studies at the faculty, which provides you with employment and covers tuition fees (partially or in full, by agreement with the project leader).


In the FRI research laboratories, more than 15 research positions are open in different areas of computer science, mostly in the new academic year, in some cases earlier. More information and contact persons can be found on the Career at the Faculty page.



You will be able to ask your questions at the event, or you can send them to us in advance. To facilitate the organization of the event, we invite you to announce your participation in advance at pr@fri.uni-lj.si. Your address will be used for additional reminders about the event, the deadline for submitting applications for enrollment, and informing you about employment opportunities for doctoral students.


Live stream: At the faculty, we encourage and invite you to attend the event in person; for those who are unable to do so, we will also provide a live stream via the internet. The link will be posted here, no later than the day of the event.