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The European Commission’s Joint Research Center (JRC) at Ispra, Italy and UL FRI are calling for applications for a fully funded doctoral studentship in the area of IoT security. The research carried out by the doctoral student would include:

  • Machine learning modelling and analysis of sensory data and wireless network traffic, with the goal of deducing activities and interactions in the smart environment, profiling users, inferring private and sensitive information.

  • Developing possible countermeasures and mitigation techniques to the identified security threats.

  • Devising an automated system for security policy adaptation governing the behaviour of the smart devices.

The doctoral degree programme is conducted in English and lasts three years, starting from October, 1st 2018, during which the student will be jointly supervised by UL FRI and JRC, and will spend up to two years at JRC, Ispra, Italy (the remaining time at UL FRI). The call for applications provides funding for up to 4 years (3 years of study and an additional year). After successfuly completing the programme, the candidate will be awarded the doctoral degree by the University of Ljubljana.

The doctoral degree studentship covers the tuition fees, competitive salary for the research work carried out at JRC (approximately 2200€ per month), and a researcher position at UL FRI (candidates are encouraged to participate in teaching activities as well). The position includes daily travel and lunch allowance at UL FRI, travel and family allowance at JRC, as well as the administrative support at both institutions.

For more detailed information about the monthly allowances, salaries and taxes please visit the Guide for Grantholders (employed at the Ispra site).

The deadline for applications is 1 June 2018.

For formal enquiries please contact Prof. Dr. Veljko Pejović.