• Invited talk: Fuerlinger - Parallel Programming

You are kindly invited to next FRI Piškot invited talk where Prof. Karl Fuerlinger from LMU Munich will be presenting his research on Parallel Programming.

Make sure to attend on Thursday 31 May 2018 at 2.15 pm in lecture room 3.


Parallel Programming: The Quest for Performance and Productivity


The hardware landscape of Parallel Computing is getting increasingly diverse and complex. Today, multicore systems are standard even for mobile devices, servers and high performance computers frequently make use of manycore compute nodes and accelerator devices. Recently, main memory has started to evolve into a heterogeneous collection of memory spaces with different access characteristics and speeds (e.g., high bandwidth and non-volatile memory). Reconciling this increasing hardware complexity with a growing number of people interested in exploiting parallel systems for their research in application fields outside the classical areas of computational science and engineering presents a challenge.

The talk discusses recent developments in parallel computing and the challenges they pose in terms of performance and productivity, two important but often conflicting goals. The talk then presents the DASH project, funded under the German Research Foundation's priority program for Exascale software. DASH is a C++ template library for parallel programming that offers distributed data structures and parallel algorithms. Example application studies are presented to show how the data structures and algorithms offered by DASH can be combined to achieve well performing code in a productive environment.



Karl Fuerlinger is a senior researcher and lecturer at LMU Munich. His research interest are focused on software tools for program analysis and parallel programming models. He is leading several German national projects that aim at providing programming environments for future-generation parallel systems.