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This course covers the computer hardware, especially input/output or peripheral devices. These are the most visible part of any computer system - however, they are not a part of the computer in the strict sense. They are connected to the computer with the aim of widening its functionality. Through many of them a human is able to communicate with the computer. Among them are input devices, such as keyboards, mouses, scanners; output devices, such as video adapter, display, sound cards, speakers; and mass storage devices, such as hard disks, USB keys, CD, DVD, Blu-ray, magnetic tapes, etc. Certain types of buses are aimed at connecting peripheral devices, such as variants of PCI and USB. Since buses operate as electric transmission lines, we will learn basic transmission line concepts, such as delays, reflections and crosstalk. We will touch also some older standards, such as RS-232. Software modules, intended to control peripheral devices, also called device drivers, will also be covered by examples.

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