Ajda Lampe
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Room: R2.33 - Laboratorij LRV

I am a PhD student under the supervision of izr. prof. dr. Peter Peer and co-supervision of izr. prof. dr. Vitomir Štruc. I research deep generative models and their application to fashion and beauty industry. Specifically, I work on the problem of virtual garment try-on.

I am a computer science teaching assistant at University of Ljubljana's Faculty of Mathematics and Physics where I teach Programming 1, Introduction to Programming and Computer Science 1.

  • B. Fele, A. Lampe, P. Peer, V. Štruc, "C-VTON: Context-Driven Image-Based Virtual Try-On Network",  IEEE Workshop on Applications of Computer Vision (WACV) , 2022, pp. 2203-2212
  • J. Jug, A. Lampe, V. Štruc, P. Peer, "Body Segmentation Using Multi-task Learning", International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Information and Communication (ICAIIC), 2022, 60-68
  • A. Lampe, L. Čehovin, R. Mandeljc, M. Kristan, "Semantic Segmentation for Room Categorization", 22nd Computer Vision Winter Workshop, 2017