• KC OPCOMM - Open Communication Platform for Service Integration
The Client : Ministrstvo za izobraževanje, znanost in šport ( KC OPCOMM )
Project type: Projects Structural Funds
Project duration: 2011 - 2013
  • Description

The competence center (CC) Open Communication Platform for Service Integration (OpComm) represents a strategic partnership between companies Cosylab, Špica International, InovaIT , Globtel, Alpienom and public research institutions University of Ljubljana Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana Faculty of Computer and Information science, IJS - Institut »Jožef Stefan« and TM ICT - Technology network ICT. It is a consortium consisting of partners that deliver a high concentration of technological, scientific and business potentials, which will enable development of globally competitive advanced technology solutions.

The CC program OpComm is designed to connect participating companies and public research institutions, and strengthen the required competences, personnel and material resources in order to increase competitive potentials for development, production, and commercialization of creative user-oriented communication products.

The vision of CC OpComm is to become a leading research and development center in both the EU and globally in the fields of open information and communication user platforms.

Its mission is to provide a concentration of technologies, knowledge and other competences, as well as an environment for their development and systematic use in the entire knowledge development chain, including the pre-integration of prototypes, which form the base for the development of new, globally competitive and marketable products, services, solutions and processes.

The CC will cover the areas of applicable communication technologies, IT supported business systems and advanced, user-friendly experiences, using the open innovation model and including complementary industries, therefore enabling the realization of energy efficient and environmental friendly solutions and assuring the sustainable development of society.

CC development strategy is based on middle and long-term objectives, which are defined and described in both national and European documents and guidelines, primarily those which are connected to the ICT industry and areas of information society, which represent one of the priority areas of technological development.

The CC will focus primarily on developing the future information society, according to the principles and directives of the Future Internet (Future Internet 2020, Visions of an industry expert group, May 2009; http://www.future-internet.eu/fileadmin/documents/reports/FI_Panel_Report_v3.1_Final.pdf) and future networks.

The short-term aim of the CC OpComm program is to provide an open communication platform for the development of new cutting-edge services and applications.

The long-term aims of the program are to enhance the development of creative products, business models, and solutions applicable in the global markets, focus on technology trends, increase competitive advantages of the companies in international markets, and establish long-term strategic partnerships in the consortium, beyond it, and internationally.

The main elements of the CC strategy are:

Creation and development of innovation, advanced technologies, knowledge and human resources/talents as key elements of value generation, which is consequently measurable in globally competitive markets and environments through products and services;

Concentration of knowledge and focusing on a specific segment of ICT content and its main priorities, which improves opportunities for breakthroughs and for global success, as well as of program differentiation;

Effective and innovative connections in both domestic and international environments, together with development of the open research community;

The comprehensive operation principle, via systematic management of the knowledge chain required in different phases of industrial research and experimental development for the successful commercialization of new high-tech products and services and the implementation of new business models.

Operation according to objectives and compliant with features of sustainable social-economic and environmental development, as well as operation of the IT industry as support for other industries and sectors (health, transport, logistics, power generation, medicine, biology, ecology, banking and business systems, entrepreneurship etc.).

If you wish to know more about our program, please visit the OPCOMM official web-site (http://www.opcomm.eu/).