• FLEXICIENCY - Energy services demonstrations of demand response, FLEXibility and energy effICIENCY based on metering data
The Client : Evropska komisija ( FLEXICIENCY )
Project type: European projects
Project duration: 2015 - 2019
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The four-year project, launched early in 2015, is part-funded by the European Commissions Horizon 2020 research programme, with the aim of addressing flexibility and efficiency within the European energy market, putting focus on consumers and making use of data from smart metering. More specifically, the projects mission is to create new opportunities for energy business and expand the DSOs market facilitator role for new services. As neutral players in the market, they can support the creation of new business opportunities and innovative services for end users, based on consumer data collected by smart meters. The initiative marks an important step towards the achievements of 2020 energy consumption and CO2 emission targets through the development of advanced energy services and the implementation of new policies and market regulations that promote the creation of smart grids, in the process boosting jobs and growth in Europe. Besides UL, 17 partners from 10 EU countries participate in the project, including four of the continents leading Distribution System Operators: Italian's Enel, the French company ERDEF, the Swedish company Vattenfall and Spains Endesa Distribucion.

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