• ŠIPK 3 - SLEDIMedO: Tracker of Media Announcements
The Client : Javni štipendijski, razvojni, invalidski in preživninski sklad RS ( ŠIPK 3 )
Project type: Projects Structural Funds
Project duration: 2018 - 2018
  • Description

In this short project we developed an application for tracking media announcements. Our primary focus was announcements related to projects funded or co-funded by the European Union and published on various news and project-related websites. The first part of the project dealt with the development of web scrapers for about one hundred news sites, while the second consisted of the development of the search application. The end result of the project is available at http://lalg.fri.uni-lj.si/~sledimedo. The project was conducted in collaboration with the Centre for European Perspective.

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