• PKP 4 - An example of GradKom mobile application usage
The Client : Javni štipendijski, razvojni, invalidski in preživninski sklad RS ( PKP 4 )
Project type: Projects Structural Funds
Project duration: 2018 - 2018
  • Description

The aim of the GradKom project was to develop an application for simplified graphic communication between the participants in a construction project (e.g., the builders, supervisors, contractors, and so on). A mobile application allows the user to record a memo (a captured photo with additional textual and/or graphical information) when a critical event occurs during the project implementation. A recorded memo is added to the projects file as an input to the other participants for further processing. In this way all the crucial information about the project is always available on the spot, which enables the continuation of work without delays.

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