• Thesaurus of Modern Slovene: By the Community for the Community
The Client : Ministrstvo za kulturo
Project type: Other nationals projects
Project duration: 2018 - 2019
  • Description

In collaboration with the Faculty of Computer and Information Science, the Centre for Language Resources and Technologies has compiled the Thesaurus of Modern Slovene [http://viri.cjvt.si/sopomenke/eng/], the largest open-access automatically generated online collection of Slovene synonyms, which introduces a new type of language resource: the responsive dictionary. The initial database of a responsive dictionary is constructed using advanced computational methods, while further development (data editing and cleaning) is open to the public and carried out in collaboration with a community of dedicated users.

The Thesaurus of Modern Slovene is still an unknown language resource, and language users are unfamiliar with the advantages and restrictions of responsive dictionaries, as well as the opportunities for participating in resource development. The purpose of the project is to present and promote these aspects in the general public, with particular emphasis on those user groups that find synonym information invaluable in their work. Furthermore, the project aims to spread awareness of the value of language resources for the community, and the opportunities they offer for the further development of the language infrastructure for Slovene.

Within the project, a number of promotional activities will be organized (e.g. dissemination events and workshops that will results in multimedia educational content). In addition, based on the results collected through advanced monitoring of user feedback and dictionary use, the Thesaurus will be upgraded with elements that will further motivate users to use the language resource and research synonymy in Slovene.