• EBSI-VECTOR - EBSI enabled Verifiable credentials and Trusted Organisations Registries
The Client : Evropska komisija ( EBSI-VECTOR )
Project duration: 2023 - 2025
  • Description

The EBSI-VECTOR (EBSI enabled Verifiable credentials and Trusted Organisations Registries) project brings the power of the self-sovereign identity paradigm into the educational and social security context. 52 partners from 20 countries will transform the digital interaction of studying and working citizens in Europe and simplify some of the complex verification processes for organisations in a decentralised way. The consortium consolidates the current EBSI capabilities on verifiable credentials and trusted registries and extends it with new capabilities like the decentralised identity of legal persons or revocation functionality. The EBSI-VECTOR project is driven by business requirements and input from policy and business organisations from education and social security included in the project. Defining and executing the strategy for scaling up the EBSI capabilities and uptake in different countries with the many engaged educational and social security actors is an essential focus of the project. The creation of national coordination and support unites drives the extensive implementation effort in education and the piloting of social security. The project provides the necessary building blocks and tools for citizens and organisations to interact with each other via verifiable credentials and use the privacy-friendly verification power of the EBSI decentralised trusted registries. The participation of different European solution providers in the project guarantees the stimulation and uptake of the EBSI conformant wallet ecosystem and market to enable citizens and organisations a broad choice of solutions beyond the reference implementations. The project actively collaborates as part of a more extensive ecosystem with many related European projects and initiatives like ESSPASS, EHIC, and EUROPASS. EBSI-VECTOR aligns with building blocks like EUeID or SDG to provide citizens and organisations with the best integrated and balanced solution for their digital interaction.