• AIM@VET - Artificial Intelligence learning Modules to adapt VET to the digital transformation of the labour market
The Client : Evropska komisija ( AIM@VET )
Project duration: 2022 - 2025
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There is an obvious lack of focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI) in multiple levels of education. The EU project AIM@VET (Artificial Intelligence Modules for Vocational Education and Training) covers the development of learning modules aimed at adapting Vocational Education and Training to the needs of the labor market with a focus on AI. There are six partners from Spain, Portugal and Slovenia, where in the Slovenian branch, the University of Ljubljana (UL) and School Center Velenje (SCV) focuse on computer vision aspect of AI. The topics include capturing and curating unbiased data, detection and segmentation, and tracking and recognition. The development process mainly involves UL preparing the content and the SCV teachers transferring the content to students, with both students and teachers providing feedback. The importance of VET education in AI and the significance of ensuring unbiased and fair algorithms are especially emphasized throughout the project.

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