• COMMON - A platform for monitoring the society state of mind - COMMON
The Client : Pressclipping d.o.o. ( COMMON )
Project duration: 2019 - 2020
  • Description

The project Common is aimed to develop a platform for automatic analysis of news and information, published in various media. It was initiated by a company that offers press clipping services to its customers. A number of different text and natural language processing services will be developed to support the company's existing offering as well as to extend it beyond its current level. In support of smart city initiatives and principles, the project Common is also seeking to provide a special tool and associated dashboard for monitoring the society state of mind, i.e. to capture how specific society subgroups, like students, elderly, employees, disabled etc. are feeling in the city, what are their opinions in relation to specific society issues, what problems they might confront, what ideas they might have etc., all these based on the social network and media analysis.