• eEksperimenti - eExperiments - Modern teaching of natural sciences using flexible open source measuring system
The Client : Ministrstvo za izobraževanje, znanost in šport ( eEksperimenti )
Project type: Projects Structural Funds
Project duration: 2015 - 2015
  • Description
The project eExperiments aims to supplement and upgrade natural science and technology lessons in secondary schools (and partly also in primary schools) with Web platform for performing various physical experiments. Within the project, several Web-based applications will be developed for performing real experiments using high-performance measurement card and sensors, which will also be didactically supported. The experiments will be used as an e-service or application usage examples, for demonstration and promotional purposes. Applications will support performing various experiments in a creative way, as the experiments can also be adapted and upgraded by the users. The measuring equipment is foreseen to be based on a measuring board Red Pitaya, the product of Instrumentation Technologies from Solkan. The card enables data acquisition of two analogue signals with the speed of 125 MS/s with 14 bit resolution, has two analogue outputs that can be used for arbitrary shaped output signals, and several digital inputs and outputs. It enables performing complex measuring operations for the price of few hundred Euros, significantly less than needed if classical approach to performing experiments would be used (with measuring devices, such as function generators, sources, oscilloscope etc.). The card uses open source operating system Linux and enables good connection to Internet. This makes it ideal for our project. As part of the project, applications will be developed for measuring electrical current, voltage, light, temperature, pressure etc. that will allow Web-based use of function generator, voltage source, oscilloscope and spectral analyser. We also plan to develop a system for performing remote experiments, saving and sharing the experiment results on Arnes server, and innovative approach that will permit following the experiments for people with special needs by transforming graphical information into sound. The platform will be supported by promotional activities, seminars, media support and technical analyses and articles. We expect the proposed platform will enrich and enhance approaches to teaching natural science and technology, consequently additionally motivating students for these areas.