• PKP 1 - 3D documentation of cultural heritage
The Client : Javni sklad RS za razvoj kadrov in štipendije ( PKP 1 )
Project type: Projects Structural Funds
Project duration: 2014 - 2014
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The Computer Vision Laboratory is active in 3D documentation of cultural heritage, in particular in under-water archaeology. We are active in particular in multi-image photogrammetry which can generate, even under-water, large clouds of 3D points which can then be used for visualisation and for further reconstruction of more compact volumetric models. We study how the under-water environment influences the precision that can be obtained with photogrammetrical methods. We collaborated with underwater archaeologists and cultural heritage professionals, for example in documenting a Roman barge in the Ljubljanica river near Vrhnika and in modelling stone sarcophagi in a Roman wreck off the island Brač in Croatia. We are also engaged in the development of novel database approaches in digital heritage, for example the Arches project. Another project in this area that we are participating in is the establishment of a 3D digital Glyptothek.

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