• Video of Prospective Doctoral Student Day

Prospective Doctoral Student Day was held live at the Faculty of Computer and Information Science on Wednesday 6 April 2022. Doctoral Programme Coordinator Prof. dr. Danijel Skočaj presented the doctoral programme of Computer and Information Science. We invited doctoral students Polona Štefanič, Matej Dobrevski and Aleksandar Lukić to share their paths of pursuing a doctorate.

Doctoral programme is intended for those who want to perform in-depth research and scientific work, understand new technologies and innovate. With a doctorate in computer and information science you can pursue a career in both the academic field and the industry. On the prospective student day we shared all the information about the doctoral study in general and about the doctoral programme Computer and Information Science. We also informed the candidates about the opportunities for teaching and research work while studying at the faculty, and about scholarship opportunities.

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