• Piškot: Ricciato - Bits of waves

At FRI Piškot Seminar on Thursday, 8 June 2017, Fabbio Ricciato will talk about software defined radio. We meet at 14.15 in lecture hall 22.

Bits of waves

On the implications of radio softwarization for wireless research and technology (and why it matters for computer scientists)

What is meant by Software-Defined Radio (SDR)?
What are the implications of SDR for academic research and teaching?  
In which sense SDR is impacting the evolution of wireless communications, radio-based navigation and remote sensing?
And by the way, can I turn a WiFi network into a radar with SDR?
Are Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence relevant for SDR?
What connects SDR to Cloud Computing? And what about SDR and security?
My field of expertise is <you_name_it>: is that relevant for SDR?


If any of the above questions triggers your curiosity, in this Piskot you will find initial hints towards the answers.