• New measures: Study will be conducted remotely
Other notifications

In accordance with the new recommendations of the Rector of the University of Ljubljana, the pedagogical process and research work at the Faculty of Computer and Information Science will be carried out remotely from 14 October 2020.

In exceptional cases, where required by the nature of the individual course, physical presence at lectures or tutorials will be possible in accordance with applicable protocols to ensure safety against infection (physical distance, limited number of people, hand washing or disinfection, use of protective masks, ventilation). In such a case, you wil be notified by the teacher via the online classroom.

Students of interdisciplinary programmes must follow the instructions and notices of the partner faculties for courses they take elsewhere (for example at UL FMF, UL FE or UL FU).

It is also recommended to conduct extracurricular activities online. All contact sports that are part of the study process at UL or recreation are not recommended.

Procedure in case of infection

In case of present symptoms of COVID-19 infection, the student stays at home and follows the recommendations of the National Institute for Public Health (NIJZ): Contact your chosen doctor by phone or e-mail. Since foreign exchange / full-time students in Slovenia do not have their own personal doctors, the first contact for them is the Student Health Center of the University of Ljubljana or emergency medical assistance 112. The doctor will refer you for testing and issue further instructions.

In accordance with the new priority protocol adopted on 8 October 2020, the NIJZ is still dealing with all persons with a confirmed infection through an epidemiological inquiry, but will no longer seek contacts of confirmed cases of SARS-CoV-2 infection in student dormitories and higher education institutions.

All students are therefore encouraged to inform the persons they have been in contact with in the last two days before the onset of symptoms that they have been in contact with a person positive for SARS-CoV-2 as soon as they become aware of their infection, and to provide them with Instructions for persons exposed to a new coronavirus infection.