• International Summer School on Biometrics

International Summer School on Biometrics will cover principles of computer vision that represent a basis for the majority of biometric systems, where the input is an image. As a part of this workshop, the content will be delivered theoretically and practically through usecases and the state-of-the-art implementations, including deep learning. Courses will be held in English.


  • Biometric modalities
  • Structure of a typical biometric system
  • Recognition/verification/identification
  • Conditions for correct systems comparison (metrics, datasets, protocols, toolboxes)
  • Performance and usability of biometric systems
  • Key modalities and systems pipelines:
    • Fingerprint
    • Iris
    • Face
  • Multibiometric systems / multimodality / fusion
  • Key challenges of modalities/systems


It is primarily intended for students of technical faculties/schools at the master level, but not exclusively. Thus, we invite all those interested in the high-tech development, research and products in the field of biometrics that want to understand how such systems work, the performance of the systems, and/or are their users, integrators or developers.


Application deadline is 6 September 2019.


Read more information on the International Summer School on Biometrics subpage.