• Course code:63806
  • Credits:5
  • Semester: winter
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Students prepare an in-depth review of related research on the topic of the planned Ph.D. thesis. Students are expected to read at least 30 scientific papers, which may differ from those presented for Seminar 1. The papers should be summarized in condensed manner. More emphasis should be on the comparison of related methods and results with methods and results obtained by students in their research work. The review seminar is presented orally in front of peers.

The aim of the course is to write comprehensive review seminar on the topic of the planned Ph.D. thesis, and to compare the student’s research findings with state-of-the-art findings reported in scientific literature. An important goal is to present the seminar in front of peers. This way, doctoral students learn about broader themes in the field of computer and information science. Compulsory attendance of this course and presence at seminars promotes critical thinking, bonding among students and faculty.

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