• Course code:63802
  • Credits:5
  • Semester: winter
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The course is designed to acquaint students with basic skills that are needed in scientific work. With practical work on seminars and exercises, students are encouraged to apply the gained knowledge.

During the course, students will become more familiar with topics like ethics in science, principles of written and oral communication and rhetoric, writing of academic papers, reports and dissertations. They will also acquire knowledge of science in the media, learn about a typical peer review process and the major elements of a peer review report, as well as about basic issues regarding patents and protection of the intellectual property.

Programme of course Scientific Skills I:

  • Tools for creating documents, editing techniques, bibliographic records managing and editing tools
  • Verbal communication and rhetoric, the elements of good oral presentations or lecture
  • Basic principles of scientific communication
  • Written communication, citation, articles and report writing skills
  • Ethics in science and research
  • Public bibliographic databases and their use in scientific research work, basics of scientometrics
  • Peer-review process, reviewers report elements, how to write a good review report
  • Models of research funding at home and abroad, types of projects, both domestic and foreign agencies that finance scientific projects, the application process, and reporting on project progress
  • Communicating in English; good practice and typical errors
  • Poster presentation
  • Science and the media
  • Protection of intellectual property, patents and patent protection, a review of current licenses
  • Planning and writing proposal of doctoral thesis
  • Study programmes
  • Distribution of hours per semester
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