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Today, computers communicate with each other so intenesively and almost constantly that we can not even imagine what would we do without networks: diet without Internet - only with paper mail and chat exclusively off line? In Computer Communications will try to shed light on the background of communications services, which are today used even by younger teens and modern granmas. What happens when you write in your browser the address www.google.com? A whole army of processes wakes up, computers and other network devices begin to call each other hastily and ask: Do you know who is Google, what is its IP address and how to get to it? Or, at least, who might know this? Well, since we manage to google daily, the processes obviously know the answers. Just as they can agree on how to to deliver an e-mail to your colleague in New Zealand or find him on Skype, even though he was last week in Alaska. In Computer Communications course, however, we will not only talk about services. We will investigate why the network does not become congested, what are the protocols and protocol obligations of their majesties - computers, why they can communicate both on wires or without them. We will not ignore the dangers of the information highways: a few notorious attacks will be analyzed in detail, while we will also describe a computerized version of seat belts and air bags, so that we all live to see the end of the semester alive and well, but richer for an interesting experience.

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