• Course code:63569
  • Credits:6
  • Semester: summer
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The course is co-taught by the Faculty of Computer and Information Science (50%) and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering (50%) and the cooperation of other faculties - interdisciplinarity. Lecturers from Faculty of Electrical Engineering are Andrej Kos and Matevž Pogačnik.

The subject is based on co-creation among students, companies, organisations and higher education institutions. In the beginning the students are acquainted with following topics: technological and business changes in the environment, digitalization, competences, project management methodology, project management, innovation and types of innovation, co-creation and methodologies for co-creation, design-thinking, intellectual property, teamwork, identification of opportunities and needs, industrial design and design for the environment, understanding of market economics and development, product management, content and the method of implementation. In the next step students prepare a project task. The content of the project work is multi-disciplinary, may be in all areas covered by UL; technological and non-technological content. The aim is that the group of students solve the project assignment and possibly make a working prototype. Students can use a common room, where they can exchange creative ideas and mutual assistance. In the project assignment representatives of companies and institutions, teachers and assistants participate as mentors.

Project topics can be initiated by students or professors of the course, students can also apply the theme from the laboratory, where they already work or use the theme of the company or organization. Before the start of projects, a list of possible project assignments will be available.

Each topic has a mentor and assistants. These can come from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering or any other faculty of University of Ljubljana. Mentor is a person who helps and at the end of an assessment proposes the assessment of the work done. Final product as well as the work and the progress done during the process are assessed.

In the case that the students themselves suggest a certain topic, they submit project descriptions (½ page) via the on-line form, topics should be approved by lecturers. In other cases, students choose one of the themes proposed by the companies, organizations or faculties.

Project work stages:

1.        formation of student groups,

2.        detailed comprehension of the project problem,

3.        consultations with the supervisor from the company or institution and the faculty,

4.        developmental and creative team work on solving the problem,

5.        presentation of interim basic solutions to the faculty and the company or institution,

6.        possibility of the actual realization of the solution to the problem (product prototype)

7.        final presentation of the project problem solution.


The rating is made up of the following parts:

-          submission of a topic (online form)

-          implementation of the project (regular meetings with the mentor)

-          the complexity of the project,

-          result

-          presentation,

-         Image / web / video demo material.

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