The interdisciplinary study Cognitive Science is provided in cooperation with the Faculty of Education, the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Ljubljana, and a consortium of foreign universities. Cognitive Science researches mentality. Its basic disciplines include neuro science, artificial intelligence, biology, linguistics, anthropology, philosophy, and psychology. The goal of the study is to educate researchers in cognitive science and experts qualified for integrative work in interdisciplinary projects. Master's degree holders will be capable of applying the findings of cognitive science to specific areas, such as teaching, designing software for machine learning, mesauring user experience, producing interfaces and managing group processes.
2 years
4 semesters
ECTS credits
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Apply via eVŠ portal and send the application to University of Ljubljana.


Scholarships available are listed at the website of the Public scholarship, Development, Disability and Maintenance Fund of Republic of Slovenia.


For more information please visit the Faculty of Arts website or contact the respective students' office

Detailed description about the Programme is available here.