• Course code:63804
  • Credits:5
  • Semester: winter
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In the course Seminar I students are requested to prepare a seminar with the related work review of a selected field of research within the area of computer science and information technologies. The selected field should be aligned with the planned topic of research work and forthcoming Ph.D. thesis.

Each student prepares its own seminar. He/she should:
  • Submit a proposal for the topic;
  • Prepare the related work review (approx. 10-15 pages);
  • Prepare and give an oral presentation.

Each student needs to select a topic on which their seminar will report on, find all related scientific papers from the narrower and broader scope of research (at least 30 review papers) from the selected topics. Students should search in the well-known scientific databases, such as (all databases have free access from uni-lj.si network):

  • Web of Science
  • ScienceDirect
  • ACM Digital Library
  • IEEE Computer.org Digital Library
  • etc.
  • Study programmes
  • Distribution of hours per semester
  • Professor
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